«Reapen 1408» defoaming agent

«Reapen 1408» defoaming agent

ТУ (TU) 2415-003-36651865-2003 technical requirements.

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for the products

№П.001028.04.06 dated 26.04.2006

Certificate of applicability of chemical product for oil extraction and transportation processes № 153.39 RU. 245860.01269.07.06 dated 10.07.2006.

Conformity certificate № ТЭК RU. ХПО6.НО1383 dated 10.07.2006, № 012072

Material safety data sheet РПБ № 36651865.24.14209 dated 29 August 2005.

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«Elektro» fluid for applying powder paints on non-electroconductive materials


Reagent for powder paint application for dielectric materials

TU 2388 005 36652865-2000 technical requirements

«Elektro» fluid is an electroconductive substance for powder paint (PP) application in electrostatic field. Used for powder paint deposition on non-electroconductive materials like wood, concrete, ceramics, glass, plastics or repainting powder-painted metal wares. When spraying it forms 0.5 – 5 micron shallow layer on material surface, which is electroconductive and this property allows applying PP under standard conditions and using normal equipment (electrostatic powder gun).

«Elektro» fluid is a multicomponent system based on surfactants. Has high wettability. Promotes effective flowing property of PP during solidifying, increase of plastic properties and high adhesion. Fluid is delivered in concentrated form.

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