«Elektro» fluid for applying powder paints on non-electroconductive materials


Reagent for powder paint application for dielectric materials

TU 2388 005 36652865-2000 technical requirements

«Elektro» fluid is an electroconductive substance for powder paint (PP) application in electrostatic field. Used for powder paint deposition on non-electroconductive materials like wood, concrete, ceramics, glass, plastics or repainting powder-painted metal wares. When spraying it forms 0.5 – 5 micron shallow layer on material surface, which is electroconductive and this property allows applying PP under standard conditions and using normal equipment (electrostatic powder gun).

«Elektro» fluid is a multicomponent system based on surfactants. Has high wettability. Promotes effective flowing property of PP during solidifying, increase of plastic properties and high adhesion. Fluid is delivered in concentrated form.

Application conditions

«Elektro» is applied diluted to 20-50 g/m2.

«Elektro» fluid is applied with standard liquid paint sprayer till surface wets fully. Dip coating, perfusion and wiping with Elektro-moistened rag leaving no fringes are admitted. After drying for 3-5 min in the air (until all the surface becomes dry) at room temperature the surface is grounded and PP is applied on it under standard conditions.


Preparation of surface for coating

Part of non-conducting material is wiped and degreased. Concrete and silicate parts should be decontaminated and cleared of dust and oil stains. Chipboard , fibreboard and medium density fibreboard parts are primed and polished to obtain smooth and sleek surface, and then dried at temperature 10-15оС higher than PP’s cure temperature, for period of time indicated in PP certificate.


Preparation «Elektro» fluid for the operation

Concentrated «Elektro» fluid is diluted in the ratio from 1:3 to 1:4 subject to surface and paint types with one of the following solvents: commercial ethyl or isopropyl alcohol (for dyeing); acetone, solvent 646 or water can be used as solvent for coating silicate, wooden materials or ceramics.


Fire hazard

The fluid is inflammable.


Safety precautions

«Elektro» concentrated fluid does not contain toxic, pyretic and strong-smelling components.

If concentrated fluid hits into the eye or mucous membrane it is necessary to bathe them with large quantities of water. If the fluid hits skin it should be washed off with soapy water.


Transportation and storage

It is recommended to store and transport the fluid at the temperature range +5 ¸ 35оС in shut polyethylene or glass package. Life time is not less than 12 months.


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