OOO «Reagent» specializes in scientific investigations in the field of synthesis of new reagents and technologies.
Our employees are experts in water-based lubricants for conveyor belts, lubricating and defoaming agents for drilling works, sealing compounds, synthetic detergents, powder paints and auxiliary reagents for paint coating.
We offer a series of in-house developed and manufactured products for drilling and powder paint coating works.
«Reapen 1408» defoaming agent is used for recovery of drilling mud density after introduction of surfactants. In addition, “Reapen 1408″ possesses strong lubricating properties. It is supplied for drilling works in Izhevsk (ZAO “Udmurtneftburenije”, PNBK), Nyagan (OAO TNK “Nyagan”), Nizhnevartovsk (OAO “TNK” branch), Usinsk (ZAO TK “Pizhma”), Ust-Kut, Irkutskaya oblast (OAO “ALROSA-TERMINAL”).
«SmaBur 50» lubricating agent is used for improving lubricating properties of drilling muds, reducing abrasive and fatigue wear of operating tools material, decrease probability of drilling constructions sticking, prolongation of drilling equipment lifetime.
«Elektro» fluid is an electroconductive substance for powder paint application in electrostatic field. Used for powder paint deposition on non-electroconductive materials like wood, concrete, ceramics, glass, plastics or repainting powder-painted metal wares.
«Tiksma» varnish-and-paint stripper is used for removal of alkyd, perchlorovinyl, epoxy, polyether, polyurethane etc. based enamels including powder paints on metal, ceramic and wood wares.

ООО «Reagent» is registered with Federal Tax Service
PSRN 1071690040795. RNNBO 81071890