«Reapen 1408» defoaming agent

«Reapen 1408» defoaming agent

ТУ (TU) 2415-003-36651865-2003 technical requirements.

Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion for the products

№П.001028.04.06 dated 26.04.2006

Certificate of applicability of chemical product for oil extraction and transportation processes № 153.39 RU. 245860.01269.07.06 dated 10.07.2006.

Conformity certificate № ТЭК RU. ХПО6.НО1383 dated 10.07.2006, № 012072

Material safety data sheet РПБ № 36651865.24.14209 dated 29 August 2005.


«Reapen 1408» defoaming agent is used for recovery of drilling mud density after introduction of surfactants. It is supplied for drilling works in Izhevsk (ZAO “Udmurtneftburenije”, PNBK), Nyagan (OAO TNK “Nyagan”), Nizhnevartovsk (OAO “TNK” branch), Usinsk (ZAO TK “Pizhma”), Ust-Kut, Irkutskaya oblast (OAO “ALROSA-TERMINAL”).



«Reapen 1408» is applied at 0.1¸1.0% mass concentration in drilling mud. Being effective for defoaming clay-containing drilling muds, it’s for types of drilling fluids. After addition of defoaming agent to 0.3-0.5 % (mass) concentration, density of foamed drilling mud increases by not less than 0.15 g/cm3. For the purpose of foaming prevention could be introduced to drilling mud before surfactants.

Besides foam suppressing properties, «Reapen 1408» possesses pronounced lubrication effect. Introducing 0.3¸1% of the reagent in bentonite and mineralized starch drilling fluids leads to reduction in friction factor from 30% to 60% and from 16% to 52% respectively. Using anti-foaming agent “REAPEN 1408” in amount of 0.3% together with lubricating agents reduces friction factor to 85%. (Data are cited in accordance to conclusion given by accredited Service of Washing and Grouting Liquids, ZAO “Udmurtneftburenije”).

It is necessary to stir the Reagent just before application.



«Reapen 1408» defoaming agent is an opalescent dark-coloured liquid with a slight smell. During long storage it can delaminate. Density of the reagent is within 0,83 ¸0,87 g/cm3. Kinematic viscosity at 20оC is 16,0 -30,0 cSt. The reagent has a neutral pH value.

According to toxicity properties «Reapen 1408» is considered to be low-hazard product with toxicity class 4. «Reapen 1408» doesn’t contain any low-boiling, flammable components with high vapour pressure. Flash point is not less than 70оС.

The reagent thickens at temperatures below -15оС, and restores its flow characteristics at temperature rise. To restore characteristics uniformity over the entire volume it should be stirred.

The reagent is delivered in 200¸220L barrels. Guaranteed storage life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.


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